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Leadership Is Grace

Graceful early flying in a blue sky

We all have them, that friend who is perpetually late. Are you envisioning that person in your head right now? I’ve been rather busy lately and was feeling burned out, so I was very much looking forward to getting away this weekend on my sailboat. A dear friend whom I’ve known most of my life…

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The Rudder of the Day

Ships Wheel

American Congregationalist, social reformer, and speaker Henry Ward Beecher once said, “The first hour is the rudder of the day.” Take a look at the rudder of a ship, it is amazing that something so small, compared to the rest of the ship, could possibly control it. That rudder has an amazing effect on ships,…

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Sail Your Course – Life Lesson from Sailing

Billabong Racing 2017

Sailing, to the uninitiated it seems daunting, however, all it takes is one time out on the water, perfect weather, and just the right breeze to hook you. In 2010 I purchased my first sailboat. My family thought I was nuts; I had never been sailing in my life, but I read a book and…

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How to be grateful where you are

Sailboat in the sunset

Joe, one of my mentors, shared a deep insight tonight. As he lay in his hospital bed he taught me how to be grateful where you are. All his life Joe has been an active person. He has traveled the world over, hiked amazing places, competed in many sports, and engaged in activities that kept…

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