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Leadership Is Grace

Graceful early flying in a blue sky

We all have them, that friend who is perpetually late. Are you envisioning that person in your head right now? I’ve been rather busy lately and was feeling burned out, so I was very much looking forward to getting away this weekend on my sailboat. A dear friend whom I’ve known most of my life…

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Leadership Is: Creating Relationships

People around a dinner table

High-performance leaders know that the key to getting great results from your team comes not from direction but from a relationship. Building quality relationships with your team will result in stronger, more cohesive teams. Teams that seem to have the Midas touch, conquering everything in their path. On the other hand, there are leaders who…

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Leaders Multiply Themselves

Girl with clones in the background

My wife Alix and I recently made some updates to our bedroom. Alix wanted a bold new color scheme; I wanted a new color. Anything would have been an improvement! As we started visualizing the end result and the steps to achieve it, I learned something new about my wife. She had not painted—ever! Before…

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