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Jeremy Hanson - Founder Seattle Makers

Ben is highly skilled at connecting teams in their common values, and interrupting the patterns of communication that get in the way of peak performance.  He brings ease and workability to conversations that typically escalate and become frustrating.  For any team that strives for excellence, I highly recommend working with Ben. 

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Cup of steaming coffee with the words Go Get Em on the outside

7 Steps to Starting Your Day Well

Previously I wrote that the first hour is the rudder of your day, and indeed, many books have been written on the subject over the past few years. Most notably, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Common amongst the books, authors recommend creating a morning routine that gets you motivated to tackle the day. Many of…

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Girl with clones in the background

Leaders Multiply Themselves

My wife Alix and I recently made some updates to our bedroom. Alix wanted a bold new color scheme; I wanted a new color. Anything would have been an improvement! As we started visualizing the end result and the steps to achieve it, I learned something new about my wife. She had not painted—ever! Before…

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Ships Wheel

The Rudder of the Day

American Congregationalist, social reformer, and speaker Henry Ward Beecher once said, “The first hour is the rudder of the day.” Take a look at the rudder of a ship, it is amazing that something so small, compared to the rest of the ship, could possibly control it. That rudder has an amazing effect on ships,…

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About Ben

Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team

I grew up fascinated by what made others successful. What gave them that “golden touch” in whatever they did. I learned the key to their success was personal growth and embracing “failure” as learning opportunities. I have felt the results of applying the principles I learned first hand. They have enabled me to guide teams to success, both large and small in the software world. Now I want to help you be successful.

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