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Jeremy Hanson - Founder Seattle Makers

Ben is highly skilled at connecting teams in their common values, and interrupting the patterns of communication that get in the way of peak performance.  He brings ease and workability to conversations that typically escalate and become frustrating.  For any team that strives for excellence, I highly recommend working with Ben. 

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Loyalty handwritten

Leaders create organizational loyalty

Fellow coach Travis Hickman and I were discussing issues leaders face and the notion of loyalty came up, or rather nurturing of improper loyalty. When this happens the leader builds a team of people who are very loyal to him or her instead of the organization. There is a hidden danger here of creating a…

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People around a dinner table

Leadership Is: Creating Relationships

High-performance leaders know that the key to getting great results from your team comes not from direction but from a relationship. Building quality relationships with your team will result in stronger, more cohesive teams. Teams that seem to have the Midas touch, conquering everything in their path. On the other hand, there are leaders who…

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Adult penguin caring for its young

Show People How Much You Care

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – President Theodore Roosevelt. President Theodore Roosevelt is attributed with an oft-repeated quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This is true in any job, and industry, any organization, any family. There are…

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About Ben

Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team

I grew up fascinated by what made others successful. What gave them that “golden touch” in whatever they did. I learned the key to their success was personal growth and embracing “failure” as learning opportunities. I have felt the results of applying the principles I learned first hand. They have enabled me to guide teams to success, both large and small in the software world. Now I want to help you be successful.

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