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Jeremy Hanson - Founder Seattle Makers

Ben is highly skilled at connecting teams in their common values, and interrupting the patterns of communication that get in the way of peak performance.  He brings ease and workability to conversations that typically escalate and become frustrating.  For any team that strives for excellence, I highly recommend working with Ben. 

Latest Posts

Man standing alone in front of the galaxy

Character is Built in the Dark

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” – H. Jackson Brown, American author In the military, soldiers train hard for battle. During battle, their actions need to be finely honed and automatic. They must rely on their training to provide their response to the situation. If a soldier cheats…

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High mountain road

Take the High Road

The high road, the path less often traveled. Taking the high road with people requires acting in ways that may seem counterintuitive. We naturally want to be first, to be right, and for it to be easy. Taking the high road means allowing others to go first, let them take the credit; to swallow your…

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Graceful early flying in a blue sky

Leadership Is Grace

We all have them, that friend who is perpetually late. Are you envisioning that person in your head right now? I’ve been rather busy lately and was feeling burned out, so I was very much looking forward to getting away this weekend on my sailboat. A dear friend whom I’ve known most of my life…

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About Ben

Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team

I grew up fascinated by what made others successful. What gave them that “golden touch” in whatever they did. I learned the key to their success was personal growth and embracing “failure” as learning opportunities. I have felt the results of applying the principles I learned first hand. They have enabled me to guide teams to success, both large and small in the software world. Now I want to help you be successful.

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