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Jeremy Hanson - Founder Seattle Makers

Ben is highly skilled at connecting teams in their common values, and interrupting the patterns of communication that get in the way of peak performance.  He brings ease and workability to conversations that typically escalate and become frustrating.  For any team that strives for excellence, I highly recommend working with Ben. 

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Two people talking over coffee

Ten Commandments of Confrontation

Confronting someone can be one of the most uncomfortable, yet necessary, things you do as a friend or leader. If not handled carefully, confrontation can create rifts in even the strongest relationships; I know, I have lost dear friends from poor confrontation. Before speaking with the person you need to ensure you fully understand why…

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Billabong Racing 2017

Sail Your Course – Life Lesson from Sailing

Sailing, to the uninitiated it seems daunting, however, all it takes is one time out on the water, perfect weather, and just the right breeze to hook you. In 2010 I purchased my first sailboat. My family thought I was nuts; I had never been sailing in my life, but I read a book and…

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Brown Hills

Friction is a Growth Point

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca About a year ago a friend came to me with a problem common to many businesses, high employee turnover. Concerned about the impact of turnover rates on his company, he sat down and ran some numbers. He quickly…

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About Ben

Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team

I grew up fascinated by what made others successful. What gave them that “golden touch” in whatever they did. I learned the key to their success was personal growth and embracing “failure” as learning opportunities. I have felt the results of applying the principles I learned first hand. They have enabled me to guide teams to success, both large and small in the software world. Now I want to help you be successful.

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