Make it Personal

It is not enough to simply assist your employees with work issue. Great leaders

As leaders, we are focused on building high performance teams that kick butt and take names, but great leaders know they must go further. Great leaders get to know their people on a personal level, and even go so far as to assist them personally. 

Several years ago I took a few months off work to take care of a sick family member in another state. When I returned it I had a hard time getting a place to rent. I was being turned down due to the gap in employment with the reason that it looked like I was not stable. The CEO of my company heard of my struggles and personally visited the manager of the place I really wanted to live. His assurances got me an apartment the same day. We are no longer at the same company, but to this day I would still bend over backward for him. 

Get to know your team at a personal level and you will inspire confidence, respect, and loyalty in them.

What are you doing to get to know your team members?