Are you ready to take your life, business, and relationships to the next level? Coaching may be the perfect fit for you.

When I tell people I am a coach it often conjures up visions of a sweaty man at an athletic game, running up and down the sideline yelling at players. Today though, coaching has become much broader than athletics. Coaches can be found in many areas, including: life, business, spiritual, relationships, leadership, and more.

My area of expertise and training is in executive coaching. This is not counseling, you will never be told how to act or feel, and there will certainly be no yelling. The role of an executive coach is to help identify strengths and weaknesses, define goals, create action steps to achieve those goals.

Executive coaching starts with the premise that you already have the answer inside of you. The coach’s role is to ask questions and clarify, all the while drawing the knowledge out of you. This is different from consulting in which the consultant is the expert, coming in to give you knowledge. A coach believes you are the expert on your life, not the coach.

Who benefits from coaching the most? Anyone who is ready to grow, ready to take their life or their business to the next level and wants to get the faster with more powerful results. If that sounds like you, get in touch with me today!

I have helped clients with everything from defining life post-retirement, to relationship break throughs, to business development and success in their industry. It would be my pleasure to walk beside you as a co-journeyman and coach on your adventure.

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